Courses designed to enhance your specific involvement in ministry.

3 CEU's - A biblical understanding of teaching brings appreciation for this spiritual gift. Approaching this task biblically involves empowerment from the Holy Spirit, insight into God’s Word, sharp communication skills, and accurate interaction with students. It is a companion volume to Teaching Techniques.

3 CEU's - Written with the lay person in mind, this course focuses on the important role of music and worship in the life of the church. It provides a historical overview of music and worship, biblical foundations for both, and practical instruction on how to renew both within the local church.

3 CEU's - The challenge to teach today’s teens begins with understanding them as learners. This course defines the climate for learning, developmental characteristics of teens, the current youth culture, and critical issues in youth ministry. It also equips teachers to lead teens to make their Christian faith their own.

3 CEU's - This course focuses on the philosophical basis of methodology, looks at the current learning theory research from a biblical perspective, and gives practical information on how to select and use various methods, including lecture, storytelling, panel discussion, simulation learning, group discussion, and others. It is a companion volume to the course Understanding Teaching.

3 CEU's - This course is designed to provide in-depth training for those who are teaching the Bible to adults. Course sessions answer the following questions: Why is it important to teach adults? What are the characteristics of adults at various stages of life? How do adults learn, and how should they be taught? What are the key principles for organizing adult classes? By answering these questions, you can be better equipped to teach adults.

3 CEU's -A strategy for growing toward Christlikeness must be based on the actual ways that people grow and develop into maturity in Christ. Through identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, this course will help us to become more intentional in Bible study, prayer lifestyle choices, evangelism, and spiritual gifts.

3 CEUs - This course clarifies the traditional purposes, functions, and organization of the local church program known as Sunday School. It covers all aspects of the ministry of bringing children, youth, and adults to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, enriching their Christian lives, and preparing them to serve Christ.

3 CEU's - This course provides a panorama of educational ministries in the local church: Sunday School, home Bible studies, summer ministries, retreats and camps, adult education, youth and club programs, children’s church, and missions. It presents each program’s uniqueness, strengths, structure and resources.