Courses designed to enhance your ability to lead successfully.  

Workshop components are required at NFCOG Bible Institute campus and/or satellite locations.  

3 CEU's - To truly understand people we must combine the rigorous formal study of developmental issues with our own observations and thorough study of Scripture. As biological, cognitive, socioemotional, and spiritual ministry implications are addressed for each major age division, this course helps the Bible teacher to work with all ages of people more effectively.

3 CEU's - Written as a basic introduction to the subject, this course covers the four major periods of church history: The Ancient Church, The Medieval Church, The Reformation Church, and The Modern Church. It is designed to give Christians an oversight of their spiritual heritage.

3 CEU's - A Guide for All Church Leaders --- There are a wide variety of areas with which volunteer and professional church leaders must contend today. This course explains the difference in leaders who are effective and those who are efficient and what this means to the local church. (Also see Biblical Leadership.

3 CEU's - Christian Ethics in a Postmodern World --- For the Christian, ethics must be rooted in the absolutes revealed in God’s Word to inform and nurture our moral conduct. Followers of Christ must learn to think biblically. A Christian approach to complex ethical topics in the postmodern era challenges us to identify how we relate to culture.

3 CEU's - This new and revised leadership course will help leaders to base their leadership ministries on the timeless principles of God’s Word. Pastors, Christian education directors, youth workers, children’s directors, teachers, or other ministry leaders will grow in self- perception, skills, and vision as leaders. Both new and seasoned leaders will learn how to empower others to lead as they train, mentor, and mobilize teams for ministry.